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How to resist impulsive purchases: 10 life hacks

A handbag from a new collection, the last model of a smartphone, designer shoes … There are so many things around that many of us are ready to give the last money, just to become their owners. Psychologists Mila Toroshcheva and Natalia Gribanova talk about how to resist the temptations.

What to do if a thing is not needed, but we are not able to withstand the calls of advertising campaigns and shares? We succumb to a sudden impulse, and the legs ourselves carry us to the rack with the inscription “Sale”, and hands stretch to the goods, even if there are no discounts on it.

Consider several situations and try to figure out what will help to refrain from impulsive purchases.

1. Going to the store for products? Do not do this on an empty stomach. The advice is banal, but effective: hunger forces you to throw several times more products at the product cart than necessary. Those who can do without.

2. When going to the store, decide in advance on the amount you plan to spend. This will help to stay as part of the planned budget.

3. Try to make a list of necessary products and strictly follow it.

4. In the store you can add the price of the goods that you take from the shelf – this will allow you to calculate the purchase amount in advance and understand if you have gone beyond the budget.

5. Suppose you decided that you no longer buy “harmful” products: sausage, semi -finished products, sweets, but, passing by the sausage department, you feel that you can’t resist the temptation. Go to the window, wait a few minutes, imagine how you set the table and enjoy the meal. Mentally saturated? Go with a calm soul.

Do not use credit cards. Spending

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that you have not yet earned is at least unreasonable and impractical

6. Buy a thing only if you are sure that it suits you in size, style and style. Do not succumb to the persuasion of sellers, their task is to sell the goods, and not give an objective assessment.

7. If you are not sure that the thing is “your”, do not buy it. Come the next day – perhaps you look at her with different eyes. You should also not buy a thing with the thought: “If anything, I will return back, I will have 14 days for it”. As a rule, the lack of time and laziness interferes with this, which means that the money will be wasted.

8. If you like the thing and goes to you, use the technique used by stylists and fashion editors of glossy editions. Think about whether it is combined with the rest of the wardrobe items. Come up with a couple of images. If you understand that the thing fits perfectly into the wardrobe – buy. Otherwise it is not worth purchasing it.

9. Try to pay in cash: it is harder for us to part with them than to pay the purchase with a card. The bills are tangible and significant, while the money on the card is perceived as something ephemeral, and we partly part with them.

10. Do not use credit cards. Spending that you have not yet earned is at least unreasonable and impractical. Count on the existing budget, draw up a financial plan and put off a certain amount for updating and replenishing the wardrobe.

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